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Metropolitan Police LGBT Police Network


In May 2016 the Met Police LGBT network was launched internally. The network has a membership of just over 400, with a Twitter following of nearly 3100. The network has a committee made up of network members and we meet quarterly. Each committee member has a remit and looks after a particular area of business.

Since launching the network has been involved in the following work:


Welfare Support – we have assisted and resolved about 20 cases where colleagues have suffered discrimination. During this time, only 2 cases have resulted in ET submissions


Collaborative Working–we have participated in a Public Police Exchange conference and run a conference in partnership with KBR to promote intersectionality and inclusion across the board of organisations and corporate businesses


Recruitment, Retention and Progression– we have used Twitter and Facebook to promote inclusion; and the colleges PC to Inspector and direct superintendent processes; launched an ‘Out & Proud and Ally’ media campaign


Staff Associations Review – we have worked with colleagues from other SSA’s, the diversity and inclusion unit and One Met Model to agree how this will look in the future