About Us

The National LGBT Police Network is a representative body for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Police groups present in the 43 police forces across England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

The purpose of the network is to:


 Provide a reference to stakeholders in the Police Service, the wider criminal justice sector and LGBT+            

    organisations on LGBT+ issues in policing.

 Supporting the development of local and regional LGBT+ staff support networks

 Representing local and regional LGBT+ staff support networks on issues collectively faced

 Supporting police forces and national police establishments in the development of operational policing

    knowledge and services that will enhance services to the LGBT+ community

 Supporting police forces and national police establishments in being representative and inclusive of the                 LGBT+ community


Membership to the Network is available for the LGBT+ staff support networks of police forces of England, Wales and the Channel Islands; this includes the territorial forces delivering local policing services and the national forces and agencies delivering policing services on a national scale in the United Kingdom.


Agency’s local LGBT+ staff support networks are run by their own employees, constables and volunteers and they will comply with your Force policy on staff support networks, but are now members of Regional Networks, in line with existing structures in the police service.

Each region has a lead, known as the ‘Regional Lead’, which is decided upon by a nominated representative of each active local network in that region. National forces or agencies are combined into a virtual region, but all are individually represented on the National Co-ordinating Group and may develop links with local networks to ensure their geographically disparate staff have access to local support and activities.


The National Trans Police Association (NTPA) is also afforded representation on the National Coordinating Group and is included in the National Virtual Region.

How we are set up